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Some of the greatest oral health risks to your smile often include the activities that you are involved in. Even though microscopic damage is a constant source of tooth hazards, physical trauma due to unhealthy habits can arise in an instant. To protect your smile from oral accidents or injuries and the constant threat of dental damage, make sure you are exercising caution with all your lifestyle habits.

Knowing how to take care of your smile is the first step in protecting it. This includes dental damage avoidance as much as possible. Oral accidents and injuries can arise at any time, and there are numerous things you can do to help prevent risks from occurring. In addition, the less you put your smile at risk, the better chance for oral health happiness and success you will have. Also, be aware that numerous lifestyle choices and unhealthy habits can destroy your smile. This includes products such as tobacco and drugs. Be sure to avoid using drugs and smoking and chewing tobacco as they can destroy your smile and your overall health.

Two common causes of dental damage arise in the form of mouth jewelry and contact sports. Mouth jewelry can impair your oral health because it can slowly damage your teeth and gums as well as cause infections, choking hazards, and lead to nerve damage. Furthermore, contact sports can destroy your smile in seconds. Always exercise caution if your smile is a risk of mouth trauma from contact sports by wearing appropriate safety equipment, including mouthguards, helmets, and face masks whenever possible.

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