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The teeth in the back of your mouth are primarily tasked with chewing and grinding the foods you eat to reduce your chances of choking when you swallow. These molars and premolars often come equipped with fissures and pits on the biting surfaces. The occlusal textures make the teeth more efficient at breaking food down.  

Unfortunately, some of the deeper recess in the tooth enamel can sometimes prove difficult to clean by brushing your teeth. If bacterial deposits start to collect in these areas, it can lead to the development of large cavities.

If Dr. Christopher Hulen notices material in these pits and fissures on your back teeth, he might be able to preserve the health of your back teeth by applying dental sealants to the biting surfaces of each back tooth. Oftentimes he can do this at the end of your routine dental checkup to ensure the tooth enamel is completely free of any latent bacterial deposits.  

After applying the dental resin, Dr. Hulen will use a special ultraviolet light to harden the dental sealants and secure them onto the biting surface. This will prevent bacteria from direct access to the underlying tooth enamel for up to ten years.

If you live in the Tipton, Indiana, area and you are interested in preserving the health of your back teeth, you should call 765-675-8745 to schedule a checkup and dental sealants at Hulen Family Dentistry.