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You can have fun this Thanksgiving feasting while also protecting your smile with our tooth-friendly food tips. Like heart-healthy food, there are healthy foods for your pearly whites. To help you preserve your hard-earned smile this Thanksgiving, Dr. Christopher Hulen and our team in Tipton, Indiana, are pleased to share some smile-healthy choices for you and your loved ones:

-1 Seek out the crudités, the cubes of cheese and bowls of nuts to stave off excess hunger. This protein fix will satisfy cravings and provide calcium for the teeth. Nuts have both calcium and minerals to remineralize your pearly whites.

-2 When it comes to vegetables, because of fiber, chewing raw vegetables stimulate saliva production to fight cavities while helping your stomach digest your food. Sweet potatoes with butter and salt (not covered in marshmallows) are packed with vitamins and minerals that your teeth will love.

-3 Turkey has protein and phosphorus for strong teeth and also rebuilds tooth enamel. Phosphorus, mixed with calcium and vitamin D works to create healthy bones and teeth.

-4 Nibble on fresh fruit served with plain Greek yogurt (more protein!) which benefit your teeth. Be wary of dried fruit which contains concentrated sugar that sticks to your teeth.

-5 Watch out for sticky, chewy desserts like pies such as pecan pie, and opt for pumpkin pie instead. Pumpkin pulp actually contains Vitamin A, fiber, and potassium, all of which is healthy for your teeth. Pumpkin seeds have magnesium as well.

-6 Sipping water hydrates and helps wash away food particles and plaque while black tea can kill bacteria in the mouth. Healthy green tea and milk are both good choices for your smile.

-7 If you can’t brush and floss after eating, chewing sugar-free gum will reduce the acid level in your mouth until you can clean properly.

We encourage you to take some time Thanksgiving to appreciate your smile health by including a few of these healthy options in your festivities. From our table to yours, Dr. Christopher Hulen and our team in Tipton, Indiana, are thankful for you and wish you a smile-healthy holiday!