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You can prepare your smile for the holiday season by eating nutritious and healthy food. A proper diet can help you lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease and fortify your tooth enamel.

Here are important facts about healthy food you should consider:

– It is essential to keep your teeth clean after mealtime because it is difficult to always eat healthy food. Brushing your teeth after eating may damage your tooth enamel because it’s in a sensitive state after you eat sugar, but you can clean your teeth in the meantime with sugarless gum or a mouthwash.
– Eat foods that boost the production of saliva in your mouth, such as watery or chewy snacks. Saliva neutralizes harmful acids, making it an effective tool to enhance your oral health.
– You can clean away bacteria and acids in your mouth by eating healthy foods that are also crunchy or watery, including apples and pears.
– Look for foods that contain phosphorus and calcium to reinforce your tooth enamel. These can be milk, cheeses, chicken, nuts, and more.

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