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If you feel scared or nervous about going to the dentist, we understand. Dental anxiety is very common and can be helped. Here at Hulen Family Dentistry in Tipton, Indiana, we take pride in giving you high-quality care and are happy to work with your dental anxiety. That is why we are providing you with advice on your dental anxiety, so you can feel more comfortable in our care.

Please note, the first thing to remember when it comes to the dentist is to be honest. If you are feeling nervous or uncomfortable, it’s ok. Be sure you talk to Drs. Hulen and Hulen or a member of the staff about your feelings so we can help you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

Many people find relaxation in listening to music during treatment. Wearing headphones can make many people feel more calm and relaxed while sitting in the dental chair. Another tip is to work out a signal system with your dentists. Raise your hand or tap the seat if you feel you need a pause while you are being worked on. This will help your dentists know your feelings while helping you feel in control of the situation to help keep you relaxed.

Our dental team wants you to feel safe in our care. That is why if you feel anxious about coming in, please tell us so we can work with you. If you feel you are ready to come in for a dental appointment, please call us today at 765-675-8745. Our professional dental team is happy to help you in any way we can.